Newtown Chocolatier: The Sweetest Place In Town

Newtown Chocolatier is leasing a larger manufacturing space on Richboro Road to keep up with local demand and a new partnership with Whole Foods.

When Doug and Donna Haines opened seven years ago, they never dreamed they would outgrow their State Street manufacturing facility so fast.

But a new partnership with Whole Foods plus a local reputation and demand has forced them lease a larger manufacturing space on Richboro Road. The original State Street retail store will remain and a retail space next to the new facility will open later in the year.

In contrast to the old-world style of the original State Street store, the new space will have more of a European feel with marble counters and sleeker packaging, the owners explained.

Doug Haines was a sales rep in the electronics industry prior to opening Newtown Chocolatier, but chocolate was in his blood, so to speak. His father designed chocolate manufacturing equipment for companies like Hershey. But when Doug suggested opening a chocolate shop, his dad tried to talk him out of it.  With Donna's persistence, they moved forward and opened Newtown Chocolatier.

At the store, Callabaut Belgian chocolate is the mainstay of production with varietals like the rare 80 percent Cacao South African Kumabo used in signature products. Custom blends of Belgian, French and Swiss chocolate, heavy cream and natural corn syrup­­––no high fructose corn syrup -- are turned into delicious ganache for fillings.

Chocolate is machine-tempered for coating and enrobing and custom molds are used to form their exclusive truffles. Chocolate dipped pretzels ­­–– one of their best selling items -- are dipped in either a milk- or dark-chocolate coating.

Another top-selling product is the nonpareils, which are made with Callabaut chocolate and multi-colored sugar balls in all colors for all seasons. Handmade turtles with thick chocolate, chewy caramel and salted pecans are a must have.

Vegan truffles made with rice milk in five flavors are a new product developed for Whole Foods. Sugar-free chocolates and hand-dipped marshmallows in custom-blended chocolate are available for sale as well as individual pieces or mixed and matched with other products in gift packs. The shop also offers wedding favors and corporate gift boxes that can be custom printed.

The owners explained that the deal with Whole Foods came out of the blue when a customer took a box of their chocolates as a gift to Texas, where a company executive got to taste them. A few phone calls later, Newtown Chocolatier was in production for Whole Foods, the leading natural and organic grocery store. They are also currently in talks with OwowCow to feature their custom chocolate in the creamery's products.

Newtown Chocolatier is located at 156 N. State Street. For more information, call 215-579-2333 or visit www.newtownchocolates.com.


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