Newtown Theatre Launches Campaign For Digital Projector

The theatre has a year to raise $100,000 to purchase a new digital projector.


The future of a Newtown landmark will be in question unless enough money is raised to bring it up to speed technologically.

The , built in 1831, has a year to raise the $100,000 needed to replace its 64-year-old 35mm film projector. According to a press release from the theatre, movie production companies are phasing out the 35mm film versions.

“Within a year 35mm film versions will no longer be produced and movie theaters must be prepared to project movies with digital equipment. And that is the $100,000 challenge,” the press release said.

The theatre, a nonprofit, is reaching out to its fans and community members with the hopes of raising the funds needed to keep its equipment up to date and able to show new releases. It has launched an official fund drive for the cause.

The theatre, located on North State Street, has a rich history. Movies were first shown there in 1906. Prior to that, the building served as a lecture hall, town meeting place and theatrical venue.

Today, the theatre screens a variety of new releases for children and adults. The Newtown Arts Company also uses the theatre for its productions.

“Generations of Bucks County residents have crossed the threshold of Newtown Theatre for date nights, family outings and movie premiers. Without the funds needed to purchase a digital projector, occasions like this at the Newtown Theatre will no longer be available for the general public,” the theatre’s press release said.

Donations can be mailed to: Digital Projector Fund, 226 N. Lincoln Ave Newtown, PA 18940. Checks should be made payable to the Community Welfare Council of Newtown.

To learn more about the ongoing fund drive, visit www.newtowntheatre.com, where a thermometer on the left of the website will track donations. The names of the donors are streamed across the middle of the page.

“Everyone who has had the pleasure of watching a movie at the Newtown Theatre might like to know that their help is needed to insure that generations to come will have the same experience of being able to watch first-run movies at the historic theater,” the press release said. 

Jordan February 29, 2012 at 03:48 PM
I'd recommend that they add an "optional" $5 surcharge to each ticket that goes directly to this fund. Explain it with a sign and I bet most people would pay it. Every 20 people is $100, it would add up fast.
Alexander Mazzucca February 29, 2012 at 03:52 PM
This is a brilliant idea.


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