10 Days 'Til Christmas ... Are you Ready for Company?

Tips for getting through some hassles of the holiday season, from stains and clogged drains to pesky pine needles and messy candle wax splatters.

10 days 'til Christmas plus
HIP Chicks' tips for me: 
Let's get ready for the company. 
(Go ahead sing it out loud)

Whether you're hanging up stockings, or lighting a menorah, holiday guests and traditions may leave you ready to trade in eggnog for some shots of tequila. Here are a few things that can be a little aggravating at the holidays and how to remedy them.

  1. Watering the tree: Always trim one inch off the base to open pores of stump and water well. When water level drops below stump, sap seals base of trunk and tree dries out faster)
  2. Unplugging all lights: This is a must-do. Christmas tree fires happen every year, never leave the house or go to bed with tree lit.
  3. Plunging stuffed-up toilets: Good idea to own two plungers, one for sink and one for toilets, they should never cross paths.
  4. Blotting spilled red wine: Capture carpet cleaner is the best stuff available for all types of stains. Blot new stains, never rub and apply the cleaner as directed.
  5. Having peace and quiet: Make a few minutes every day to sneak off for some "you" time, you'll have more patience for annoying relatives.
  6. Scraping candle wax: First ice the wax and peel off excess. Then, if possible, cover with brown bag and place under warm iron to transfer wax to paper bag.
  7. Vacuuming up pine needles: Place a tree disposal bag at base of tree before putting it in the stand, cover tree before dragging it through the house and leaving a trail of needles.
  8. Jamming the disposal: I have said this before - don't stuff it like a turkey, do run it often with lots of water and toss in ice cubes to sharpen blades.
  9. Washing table cloths: Invest in a good stain resistant, iron-free cloth. Try Carbona products for stains of all sorts: Carbona is in the detergent aisle in little yellow bottles.
  10. Frying up the latkes: Oil splatters -  Spray clothes with Dawn Power De-Greaser or for set-in grease stain, spray area with WD-40, let it sit 20 minutes. Then, rub Dawn dish detergent onto the WD-40 stain and rub. Rinse and rub again with Dawn, then wash as usual.
  11. Pumping up the guest bed. (Try this portable, well-reviewed inflatable bed.  .
  12. Clearing sluggish drains: Try Zip It. Stick in your sink and tub drains to clear hair and gunk before guests are standing in scummy shower water.

Simple maintenance can keep your home running smoothly. Any questions? Ask me - bethallen@diyhipchicks.com

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