Business Association Launches New Website

As part of its 60th anniversary makeover, the Newtown Business Association has a new online presence.

In celebration of its 60th anniversary, the Newtown Business Association has revamped its image – redesigning everything from the logo to the website.

The organization’s new website (www.newtownba.org) launched on June 22 and NBA leaders say they hope it will provide members with an extensive resource to market their products and services.

The NBA is a member organization that promotes Newtown and its businesses. Anyone who lives in Newtown or does business here can be a member. The NBA hosts a variety of events each year, including the (which is set for July 15) and

NBA member Ken Ogborn, owner of chaired the committee in charge of establishing the new website. He said the goals were to provide a “colorful, information-rich website for the community showing our events and how to engage with Newtown businesses.”

The new website has several enhanced features and acts as a database, too, NBA President Mick Petrucci said.

The 200-plus members can link all of their contact information, social media, coupons and company descriptions on the site. Plus, it allows for members and exhibitors to register and pay for annual dues, events, sponsorships and meetings.

“The Newtown Business Association in partnership with our member Inverse Paradox spent the last six months going through all of the details of our current website to ensure all of the functionality of that website was continued to be provided in addition to the improvements,” Ogborn said.  “Today you can register for an event or meeting, pay for it all with a couple clicks of your mouse and each committee assigned to manage that event is automatically notified.”

Both Ogborn and Petrucci said they are very pleased with and excited about the new site, which came with a $6,000 price tag. 

“The website is such a valuable tool,” Petrucci said, adding the organization gets more than 10,000 web visitors a month. “It’s a very valuable lead-generating tool for our members. We’re happy to bring this new website to the public and our members.” 

Petrucci added that over the past nine months, the organization has been working to update its image in light of its 60-year anniversary. “This website is the icing on the cake,” he said.


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