Stockburger Building on Sycamore Demolished, Bank to Be Built

The bank, at Richboro Road and Sycamore Street, is being constructed after a protracted battle between bank representatives and the township.

It’s the end of an era in Newtown. The Stockburger dealership on Sycamore Street was demolished Tuesday.

A Beneficial Bank is planned for the site.

The bank, at Richboro Road and Sycamore Street, is being constructed after a protracted battle between bank representatives and the township.

It all began in 2011, when Newtown Township denied Beneficial Bank’s conditional use request for a location at the former Stockburger dealership. The plans did not fit in with the vision for the future of Sycamore Street, officials said at the time.

Fast forward to May 2013, when the township and the bank came to a court-approved agreement regarding the proposal. In that agreement, the bank made changes to its plan, including rotating the building toward Sycamore Street. 

But concerns over traffic lingered in the minds of at least two supervisors and a vote to approve the plans based on the court agreement failed by a 2 to 3 vote in September. 

Beneficial Bank responded with a letter to the township threatening legal action if the denial was not reversed, which it was at the next meeting. 

Jackie June 18, 2014 at 09:35 PM
Seriously, another bank - are you kidding me......why can't we have some upscale retail shops or restaurants in Newtown - we DON'T NEED ANOTHER BANK!!!!!!! What is wrong with the board of directors.....
NorthFaceBmwNewtown June 20, 2014 at 08:06 AM
I wish that a nice quaint slightly overpriced all vegan or all organic food restaurant would come. This way me and my tiny group of insular friends could go there and feel good about ourselves. Nevermind that the business won’t be profitable and therefore will be vacant again, that doesn’t matter. I’ll drive there in my BMW or Mercedes that I bought from the old Stockburger building, because BMW put a dealership there and preserved the old colors - yeah, we know BMW would love to embrue Chevy colors and design just like McDonalds is happy to adopt Taco Bell design. Or maybe a coin and stamp shop. Something that caters to my very narrow universe.
NorthFaceBmwNewtown June 20, 2014 at 08:08 AM
DELORENZO’s, you guys did the smart thing. Why set up shop where they make it difficult for you? You’ve got a proven business model, you would’ve easily made it. And you skipped Newtown - which is good business on your part. Maybe they will set up a nice arts and crafts store instead.
Sean July 01, 2014 at 07:48 AM
The Stockburger family offered plenty of options to the township and people of Newtown to build stores, shops, Restaurants and apartments when attempting to move their dealerships to the bypass. Properties like this and Acme both sat vacant specifically because the supervisors overstep their bounds and try to control development instead of defending their zoning. Supervisors should not be micromanagers. Newtown makes it impossible for businesses to come in because nobody wants to spend 4 years fighting for already "approved" uses. Until the voters of Newtown put a system in place where the board is less influential you are all going to get what you deserve and get what a handful of people feel is the right fit.
Margalit Tetlow July 10, 2014 at 08:10 AM
You say that the new bank would have limited use and appeal to the citizens here at large. This may be true, but a bank's business is to make money. It follows then, from your statement, that this bank would be making its money with minimal participation from the people who live and work here in Newtown. Yet, it will pay its property and business taxes, and whatever all else businesses pay to the municipalities without exceptional drawn down on services. There will probably be less vehicular traffic, for example as compared to shops. Thus less impact on the infrastructure because the citizens at large would not be using it. Yet, it will still continue to pay into the system. Furthermore, there will be jobs which people will be filling. More tax revenue to the municipality. These employees will go to neighboring businesses for coffee and lunches putting more revenue into the system as a whole. And so on and so forth.


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