How Long Will You Live?

Newtown area women can expect to live 4 years longer than the men. See what the life expectancy is for people in Bucks County.

Does where you live in Pennslyvania impact how long your life will be?

According to a new study, the answer is "yes, but really not by all that much around here."

The Institute for Health Metics and Evaluation looked at the life expectancy gap between men and women cross the country, including in the Greater Philadelphia Area, and broke down the numbers based on the average life expectancy per county.

The biggest disparity between the life expectancy of women and men in the area came from Philadelphia, where women outlived men by an average of 7.7 years. The closest gap between women and men in the area comes from Bucks and Montgomery counties, where women are only outliving men by an average of four years.

Check out the full study here, and consult the table below to get an idea of how long you might live in Greater Philadelphia, based on gender.

County Female Life Expectancy Male Life Expectancy Difference in Years Bucks 81.9 years 77.9 years 4 years Montgomery 82.2 years 78.2 years 4 years Philadelphia 78.6 years 70.9 years 7.7 years Delaware 80.6 years 75.3 years 5.3 years Chester 82.4 years 78.3 years 4.1 years


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