Danbury Court Residents Report Vandalism: Police

Recent activity as reported by Newtown Township Police Department.

Newtown Township Police reported the following recent incidents: 

Thursday, June 26

Shortly after 5 pm, an officer stopped a motorist on the Newtown Bypass due to a traffic violation and discovered that the driver, 35-year-old Agusta Wea from Atlanta, Georgia was driving with a suspended license. The officer instructed her to contact a licensed driver to respond to the location to provide transportation for Wea and her five year-old son. Her Georgia license was seized and will be returned to Georgia -OT and Wea received two citations charging her with the traffic violation and driving without a valid license. 

Friday, June 27

While on patrol in the Newtown Grant development at approximately 11:10 pm, an officer observed an occupied vehicle in the parking lot of the recreation center. The officer made contact with the adults in the car and advised them to leave the area, no further police action was needed.  

Saturday, June 28

At approximately 6:25 am, a resident of Danbury Court reported that at some point overnight, someone had pulled flowers from flower beds and stole a hose and a hose holder for a total loss of $150.  While the officer was still in the area, he received five similar calls from residents of Danbury Court and one from a resident of Tamarak Court. Police did not receive a total amount the items would cost to replace. 

A resident on Danbury Court reported that a BMX-style bicycle was left in the rear yard. The homeowner didn’t know who owned the bike. The bicycle was transported to police headquarters for safe keeping until the owner is located. 

Around 2:20 pm, police were dispatched to Commonwealth Drive for complaint that someone was playing loud music. The responding officer located the source of the noised and asked the owner to reduce the volume, which he did without further incident.  


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