WATCH: Did Supervisor Assault Resident? Surveillance Video Released Thursday

Upper Makefield resident Guy Polhemus alleges that supervisor Daniel Rattigan assaulted him on April 15 after a meeting. The incident was captured on surveillance video, which was released Thursday.

An Upper Makefield Supervisor who allegedly assaulted a resident after a meeting last month won’t face charges, Bucks County District Attorney Dave Heckler said Thursday.

Upper Makefield resident Guy Polhemus alleges that supervisor Daniel Rattigan punched him in the chest, grabbed his shirt and shook him during an incident in the hallway following a heated meeting on April 15.

The incident was captured on surveillance video; the District Attorney’s office has made the video public on YouTube.

The video shows Polhemus sitting down in a chair in the hallway as Rattigan approaches him. 

Heckler said evidence in the video does not substantiate charges. 

“The events depicted in the videotape make it impossible for me to take seriously his claim that he was struck by Mr. Rattigan and experienced significant pain either during the incident or later,” Heckler said in a statement. “I specifically reference his failure to move or react, even to the extent of uncrossing his legs throughout and after the alleged ‘assault’ as well as his posture, hand and movements, which were relaxed, reflecting no sign of pain or distress.” 

Following the incident, Polhemus made a formal complaint to Upper Makefield police that Rattigan had assaulted him.  The District Attorney’s office became involved after Upper Makefield Township Police feared a conflict of interest if they pursued an investigation. 

Polhemus told the officer that his doctor believed he may have sustained a broken left rib.  A chest x-ray was performed with negative results, Heckler noted in his statement. 

Gerard May 16, 2014 at 06:02 PM
NS, Careful NS, you can't be threatening all of the sissies of Upper Makefield. You would have no time for anything else. As for the tape, I have to agree that it looks like the police should have pursued simple assault charges, and if not Polhemus should sue Rattigan. There is no place for that behavior in or out of politics. I am reminded of the nefarious Disney character...."Ratigan the World's Greatest Criminal Mind!"
The Voice May 17, 2014 at 02:31 PM
NS, for someone who has no idea about someone's politics, you sure have a strong opinion about your township. How could you devise such a strong and well articulated opinion without knowing? I call BS to that statement. I think you already don't like this guy and this is your chance to pile on. It's clear and I don't think that anyone would read it differently.
Citizen Shell May 19, 2014 at 08:38 AM
At 09seconds I clearly see a jab to this guys chest followed by the shaking of his body. Failure to uncross his legs?? Dude, had he uncrossed his legs, that would have been interrupted as a gesture of defense by the gentleman sitting and would have resulted with more physical abuse from this guy standing above him. The guy sitting was smart enough to NOT uncross his legs. I vote for an appeal on this decision. Take it in front of a judge who is NOT getting paid off or has eyes to see! This is an injustice to the man who was clearly assaulted!
R U guessing ? May 19, 2014 at 08:55 AM
I will Repeat; Come on Ya big Babies ! The courts are filled with frivolous suits like this one. let it go and watch !
bvw May 21, 2014 at 11:18 AM
To Susan Howland. You and Obama agree so it seems. There are enemies and disruptors everywhere, and always trying to impede the progress of the Supreme Leaders Who Know Better Than You How To Run Everything. G-d save us from such tyrants like him, and from the go-along-to-get-long mindset in the population that gave humanity tyrants like England King George III, fascists like Mussolini, tyrants like Obama, and tea-party haters like McCain and Boehner. Mussolini wrote the definition of Fascism, btw -- that definition was big on the kind of go-along-get-along enforced thought control you'd seem to love, like Mr. Obama. Jail every Dinesh D'SOUZA and James O'KEEFE and Guy POLHEMUS -- they are after all DISRUPTORS. Is that your desire?


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