Double Trouble: Passenger, Driver Both Arrested for DUI

The passenger riding with a driver who was arrested for DUI was stopped shortly after for the same crime, Newtown Township Police said.

The passenger riding with a man stopped for DUI was arrested shortly after for the same crime after he tried to leave St. Mary Medical Center while intoxicated, Newtown Township Police said.

Police said they stopped a car that was driving unsafely on Campus Drive around 12:30 a.m. Monday. The driver of the car, 59-year-old Robert Mastronardi of Yardley, was taken into custody and transported to Saint Mary Medical Center to have blood drawn.

The officer spoke with the passenger in the car to determine if he could drive the vehicle or if it would need to be towed from the scene, police said.  However, the 53-year-old man failed a portable breath test administered by officers. 

Police said they advised him he could not drive and told him to call someone to pick him up at the hospital.  He did not heed their advice, police said.

While officers were still at Saint Mary Medical Center waiting for Mastronardi to be picked up, they saw the man who had been the passenger get into the driver’s seat of a car in the parking lot. Newtown officers notified Middletown Township Police of the situation. They arrived and arrested the man for DUI. 


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