Five Township Officers Recognized

Officers Richard Huff, Daniel Clifton, Steven Benz, Jules Ferraro and Sergeant Frank Ambrose were recognized for their recent outstanding work.

Five Newtown Township police officers were recognized Wednesday for their performance in two recent incidents. 

Officers Richard Huff, Daniel Clifton, Steven Benz and Sergeant Frank Ambrose were recognized for their work in apprehending a murder suspect last month. Officer Jules Ferraro was commended for his work in convincing a suicidal subject to seek help during an incident in May.

Police Chief Rick Pasqualini presented the commendations in front of the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors at a regular meeting Wednesday.

Pasqualini explained it was through the professionalism and leadership of township officers that Joshua Aaron Lemonick, a suspect in a Delaware homicide, was apprehended without incident.

On Sept. 18, detectives from Dover City, Delaware called the township police to inform them that the suspect in a homicide investigation lived in Newtown. The detectives requested assistance from the township police in apprehending Lemonick.

Sergeant Frank Ambrose was the shift supervisor on duty when the information was received and delegated assignments to his officers and led the team in the execution of a warrant, Pasqualini said.

According to township police, when officers initially responded to the Lemonick’s home, the vehicle described was not there. Officer Huff began surveillance of the home while keeping the information flowing to his fellow officers, Pasqualini said.

Eventually it was confirmed that Lemonick’s vehicle was at the location and there was a warrant to arrest the 20 year-old suspect. Officers Clifton and Benz were just arriving on duty as the decision was made to proceed with the arrest.

At about 7:15 a.m. on Sept. 19, officers arrived at the home and without incident took the murder suspect into custody, police said.  Detectives from Dover City responded to township police headquarters to conduct interviews.  Lemonick was arraigned before the judge and sent to Bucks County Prison until his extradition to Delaware.   

Officer Ferraro was commended for his actions in helping to convince a suicidal subject to seek help. When Ferraro responded to the call, he immediately developed a rapport with the man and through his specialized training and life experience, was able to convince the man to seek treatment, according to Pasqualini.


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