Police: Multiple Residents Report Credit Card Fraud

The latest activity as reported by the Newtown Township Police Department.

Newtown Township Police reported the following recent indicents:

Tuesday, Jan. 1 

At approximately 2:20 p.m. a resident of High Street reported that his credit card had been used to make an unauthorized purchase in an amount just under $90. The card was cancelled and the bank will refund the amount to his account. 

A resident of Ascot Court came into police headquarters around 4 p.m. and reported that she had received a bill in excess of $1,500 from Pay Pal.  The victim told the officer that she did not authorized anyone to make purchases using her information.    

A resident of Thompson Mill Road reported that he discovered unauthorized cash advances from his account. The transactions occurred in February or March of 2012.

Friday, Jan. 4

Shortly after 1 a.m. on officer on patrol located an occupied vehicle in the parking lot of Goodnoe Elementary School.  The officer made contact with the 18-year-old driver, who explained that she stopped there to use her phone.  The officer advised the Newtown resident that she needed to leave school property, which she did without further incident. 


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