PSP: Thefts Reported in Perkiomen, Trappe

Electronics and cash were stolen; mischief was also reported.

Theft From Motor Vehicle in Perkiomen Township
According to the Pennsylvania State Police, a 41-year-old Schwenksville woman had items stolen from her car in Perkiomen Township overnight on Sept. 21.

An Apple laptop computer and U.S. currency were stolen from her blue Mitsubishi Outlander, which was parked on the 100 Block of Markley Road.

This is an ongoing investigation - police ask anyone with information to contact PSP Skippack at 610-584-1250 and reference incident no. K03-1877146.

Theft From Motor Vehicle/Possible Ring-and-Runs in Trappe Borough
The Pennsylvania State Police reported a theft from motor vehicle overnight on Sept. 8 in Trappe Borough.

A 55-year-old victim had his car window damaged when electronics and other miscellaneous items were stolen from his vehicle, which was parked on the 200 block of Kelso Circle.

Also in the area that night, neighbors reported that their doorbells were rung and no one was outide, according to police. Food and trash were also left at several residences.

Police are unsure if these incidents are connected.  Anyone with information is asked to contact PSP Skippack at 610-584-1250 and reference incident no. K03-1874541.

DPF September 29, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Oh and a really good idea would be to LOCK YOUR CAR at night. This isn't leave it to Beaver-ville
Nicole Boyd September 29, 2012 at 09:44 PM
It was my laptop that was stolen - and yes, it was finally returned. I thought I would set the record straight and tell you the whole story. Friday night I accidentally left my laptop/pocket book and keys in the car - I was rushing to get to a neighbors house to pick up my daughter, On Saturday, I noticed my laptop and money were missing. The police came out immediately to write a report and fingerprinted the car. I was very upset - and the Trooper told me it might make sense to head over the the local pawnshop and check it out. I had harsh judgements of pawn shops - crocked business and con artists. But, as soon as I walked in I was convinced otherwise. Candee - who works Saturdays for The Gold Post in Schwenksville - was nothing but nice and empathetic to my story. I told her how my laptop was stolen, how it had years of priceless photos of my two kids, how i would do anything to get it back. She assured me, that if my laptop came into the shop (or their sister shop) that she would call me. And 1.5 hours later, she did! (YAY!!!) But she couldn't buy the laptop since it was stolen (NO!!!). Instead, she called the police and gave them a description. The police knew immediately who it was. By Sunday night, the police called to tell me the laptop was recovered. All my photos were still on the computer and that the criminals were arrested. The police did their job - but I owe the majority of this to Candee. And today, I stopped in to thank her with a well deserved reward.
Nicole Boyd September 29, 2012 at 09:46 PM
And yes, they were local kids - 16 and 17 years old. The one who stole my laptop lives around the corner from me. I will not share names - as I too as a youngster did many things wrong - but learned from my mistakes. I wish the same for these two kids.
Nicole Boyd September 29, 2012 at 09:48 PM
And thanks SL!
p bresn December 08, 2012 at 05:21 AM
yes the collgvl trappe area has changed...unfortunately.......so those who have to refute that have no voice.........it used to be a great place to live....no longer, thanks to the influx of degenerates............so if you dont know...dont even speak.u have had to live here for 20- yrs plus........


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