Dems: Make Election Day a Work Day

The Democratic candidates for Bucks County Commissioner vowed Tuesday to rescind the Election Day holiday for county employees.

For years, Election Day has been a holiday for employees of Bucks County government.

The reason isn't so they can vote. It's so the Republican-controlled county can put its machine to work electing or re-electing more Republicans.

That's the charge by the Democratic candidates for Bucks County commissioner.

Diane Marseglia and Det Ansinn joined the four other Democratic candidates for county row offices Tuesday in front of the Bucks County Courthouse. They pledged to get county employees back to work on Election Day as a means of stopping what they called the political corruption that years of Republican-controlled county government has wrought.

Along with the rest of the 2011 Democratic slate, Marseglia and Ansinn signed a pledge to:

  • Refrain from any political activity in all official duties.
  • Prohibit political activity from the workplace.
  • Require that all employees who come forward with concerns of improper behavior by others are protected from negative consequences for reporting such behavior.
  • Prohibit the use of county property for political use.

Their condemnations come nearly a week after Candace Quinn, a former administrator in the county's Registrar of Wills office, pled guilty to political corruption-related charges, including theft.

In March, longstanding Registrar of Wills Barbara Reilly and three of her employees were arrested after a lengthy corruption probe, charged with forcing county employees to perform political work and compensating them with illegal time off.

Later Tuesday, a campaign spokesman for Republican commissioners Charles Martin and Robert Loughery said neither the party nor the commissioners were backing Reilly.

"The Barbara Reilly issue is something that bothers everybody," said Skip Goodnoe. "But there are 2,600 people in the courthouse, and only four of them are accused of this. And it was a Republican Controller and Republican District Attorney who prosecuted them.

"Aside from that, what’s the Democrats campaign? Nothing."

Besides Ansinn and Marseglia, the 2011 Democratic slate includes Donna Caracappa, for Registrar of Wills, Mary Whitesell, for Clerk of Courts, Tom Kearns, for County Treasurer, and Umar Farooq, for Coroner.

Marseglia was first elected to the Bucks County Commissioners board in 2007. She lives in Middletown. Ansinn, who lives in Doylestown, is president of Doylestown Borough Council.

Martin was first appointed to the board in 1995, and has served ever since. He lives in Upper Southampton. Loughery was appointed in February to fill the term of Jim Cawley, who became Lieutenant Governor. He lives in Bedminster.

In the November election, the three top vote-getters will win seats on the board.

Wendy Saddler November 02, 2011 at 02:06 AM
@ Jimmy Bradley: Here is my my research from the Bucks County dems website. Please refute this. http://bucksvictory.com/about 1. I NEVER said specifically that Donna Caracappa was NOT Middletown Township's Finance Director 2. SO WHAT if Tom Keanrs and Paula are married?? I NEVER said specifically that they were NOT As usual, you put "words in my mouth" As for the issue of Election day being a "paid Holiday", they are referring to what the former register of wills and others in the courthouse were doing, before this was exposed. .
Wendy Saddler November 02, 2011 at 02:26 AM
@Sharon: Again you make baseless attacs with NO facts to back them up. While I appreciate that you say I ask "Some" legitimate questions, you fail to realize that ALL my questions are legitimate. I don't care how people in this township ""feel" about me. I know I am getting the truth out, and it bothers you as well as the township officials. How are my facts "pathetic"?? I have repeatedly asked for you and others to prove me wrong, but you FAIL to do so. you have not produced one single piece of evidence to prove me wrong, when I have produced my facts based on the following: 1. The SAFER Grant (Which I have a copy of) Would you like it?? 2. Evidence accompying the SAFER Grant proving it was filled out fraudulently. Want that as well? 3. A copy of the township's budget, and an article from the Bucks County Courier Times (12/19/2010), article showing this to be true. Anything else?????
Jimmy Bradley November 02, 2011 at 08:49 AM
JAEL, You are a hack. You stated that my comment was "baseless attacks, based on false information" which was false. I pointed out it was false. Just Like Rob Loughery has not pocketed $5.75 million in taxpayer monies. Just like Diane Marseglia has voted to raise taxes every year she was able to vote in her entire political career. The only reason she can say she hasn't done it in the last 4 years is because she was not able to because of the counties financial managment that never offered a tax increase. She wants to eliminate a holiday and did not negotiate this. This Violates the CBA as I pointed out. Try and play semantics with words and phrases some more, everyone knows the games that you Dem operatives play.
Pete Krenshaw November 02, 2011 at 02:45 PM
Jimmy, Thanks for bringing the truth to light. Most people can see through her charade of "bringing ethics back to Bucks County" for the political game it is. Both parties are guilty of having corrupt individuals in office and it goes more to the morals of an individual then it does the philosophy of the party they belong to. Marseglia has been preaching about ethical standards yet she has been lying about her own past, twisting the facts to suit her needs for political gain. The mailers I receive from her campaign are nothing more then the latest round of mudslinging and do not add anything of value to the upcoming election. She should be ashamed of herself for having her name attached to the mailers showing Loughery as a pirate...it was classless and yet another typical way of spreading false information.
S, Marshall November 09, 2011 at 12:27 AM
What's so hilarious is the fact that it's a paid holiday for ALL employess regardless of their political background...meaning that each may have an equal opportunity to then use that day as they see fit. Both sides benefit. Such a silly point to worry over. Clearly the republican controller & republican DA did a terrific job in proscecuting the criminals in office & this is just a democrat ploy to try to convince voters that an entire party is corrupt.


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