Meet Your Candidates: Julia Woldorf

Julia Woldorf is a 34-year resident of the borough and currently serves as Council President.

Name: Julia W. Woldorf

Occupation: Pediatric physical therapist

Length of time living in the borough: 34 years

What organizations and activities are you involved with locally?

Community activities:  Founding member of the Newtown Creek Coalition, former member and Chair of Environmental Advisory Council

Council related activities:  President of Borough Council; chair of council workgroup on expansion of the Historic District; chair of council workgroup on revision of borough website; council liaison to Environmental Advisory Council and Joint Historic Commission; member of Police Committee

Borough shop owners have been vocal in their concerns that business isn’t good right now.  What do you think Borough Council should and can do to help increase activity for downtown shop owners?

Borough Council should appoint a liaison with the business community to improve communication between council and the retailers.  The entire State Street streetscape is in need of improvement and the street lighting on North State Street should be increased.  Customer access to parking continues to be an issue for council to address. The more coming to the Newtown business district is considered a pleasant experience, the more often people will return.

Do you support Allan Smith’s proposal for the future of the former Stockburger site on South State Street? If not, why and what would you like to see done?

Yes.  Appropriate development of this large parcel of land strategically placed in the business district is vital to the future of the business community.  I agree with a mix of residential, offices and retail uses, which reflects the character of the center of Newtown. Whatever is proposed should meet the requirements of our zoning ordinance and complement the town.  Good development of this site will attract more residents, more employers and employees and more visitors -- all of whom would be customers for the businesses on State Street.

What other issues would you like to see come to the forefront if you are elected to Council?

Newtown Borough should look at acquisition of open space. We have bond money available through the county for the next few years and there are a few opportunities we should not pass up. Newtown should develop a master plan to address the Newtown Creek frontage at the base of the municipal parking lot.  There is great potential for improvement to public parking and commercial space in this location. We should also address the recreational needs of all our residents. If we have a plan, we can be ready to apply for grants to support it when they become available.

Why should residents vote for you?

I have worked very hard for Newtown Borough as a member of Borough Council for the past four years and especially as Council President for the past two years.  I have a long-term vision for Newtown, helping it to retain its historic charm as it thrives in the 21st century.  I have the interest, experience and commitment to see projects through. 

R U guessing ? October 11, 2011 at 02:58 PM
In your 4 year term you have set the Borough back 20 years !
Jen Ross Dix October 25, 2011 at 02:45 PM
Interesting that the Boro population has actually decreased 11% since 1980 - I just looked it up on Wikipedia. I think ultimately the number of condos will get reduced, but even if they remain at 109, it would put the Boro population back to where it was in 1980. Maybe that is what Joey is referring to??
R U guessing ? October 27, 2011 at 11:22 PM


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