Meet Your Candidates: Larry Auerweck

Larry Auerweck has lived in the borough more than 17 years. He volunteers at St. Mary's Hospital and is involved with the Bucks County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees.

Name: Lawrence H. Auerweck

Occupation: Retired jewelry store business owner and mathematics teacher

Length of time living in the borough: 17 ½ years

What organizations and activities are you involved with locally?

I volunteer at St. Mary Hospital two days a week, serve on the Board of Directors of the Huntingdon Valley Kennel Club and am chairman of the Membership Committee for the Bucks County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees. I served as a member of the Parking Committee and as a Borough Councilor. Secretary/Treasurer of Barclay Court Townhome Association, Inc.

Borough shop owners have been vocal in their concerns that business isn’t good right now.  What do you think Borough Council should and can do to help increase activity for downtown shop owners?

To increase the business in Newtown Borough, something must be done with the parking problem. I would find a parking area where employees must park. Employees should be given a specific area to park thus freeing parking spots which now would become available for potential customers.

Do you support Allan Smith’s proposal for the future of the former Stockburger site on South State Street? If not, why and what would you like to see done?

I do not support Allan Smith’s proposal as it is now presented. I believe that the proposed 275 – 300 condos (the latest proposed plan) with business offices is far too large for the Stockburger area and Newtown. I am not naïve to think nothing will be developed there, but Mr. Smith’s plan is too overwhelming. If 300 condos were built, it would add approximately 400 vehicles to Newtown’s streets which are currently overcrowded. Originally, when we of Barclay Court met with Mr. Smith, his plan included 80 condos, office spaces and retail stores. This plan was acceptable to the Barclay Court Townhome Association, Inc. and as is so noted in the minutes. This is a plan I fully endorse. Since that time, he has changed the numbers twice which I believe will create additional problems for the Borough.        

What other issues would you like to see come to the forefront if you are elected to council?

Keep “special” days and evening events going. Encourage the stores to be open later in the evening. I would hope that a solution to the parking “problem” will be obtained.

Why should residents vote for you?

I believe I am a Newtonian first and would have the borough’s problems as my main concerns. I have no personal agenda and would serve in the best interest of Newtown Borough.

R U guessing ? October 11, 2011 at 03:08 PM
I agree with you that the amount of living space at the Stockburger site is WAY too much ! How can anyone say that parking is already bad and vote for a project of that magnitude ! You definetley should be elected !
Jen Ross Dix October 25, 2011 at 02:42 PM
"Joey" and Mr. Auerweck, you should read the newspaper more often and make sure you don't have stale info. There was never a plan for 300 condos....those were rumors spread by Rob Ciervo. But there was a plan from 2009 that did call for a high number of condos (200 or so). The plans presented NOW call for 121 condos for Plan A and 109 for Plan B. This is from the Oct 6 Advance. Please stop spreading lies. You should be embarrassed.
R U guessing ? October 27, 2011 at 11:25 PM


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