Meet Your Candidates: Phil Calabro

Phil Calabro is an incumbent Democrat. He's a 23-year resident of the township and is involved with the Rotary Club and Knights of Columbus.

Name: Phil Calabro

Occupation: Advertising sales representative

Length of time living in Newtown Township: 23 years

What organizations and activities are you involved with locally?

18 Year Member of Society Place Condo Board, Past President; Past Vice President of Newtown Grant Master Board; District 8 Committeeman; Former Chairman of Newtown Democrats; Rotary Club member; Knights of Columbus member.

Taxes are always of interest to residents, especially in these tough economic times. What suggestions do you have to improve the efficiency of the township to save tax dollars?

One way to save tax dollars would be to reverse the way the rescue squad is funded back to 2008 levels for a savings of approximately $500,000.  Another way to save taxpayer money would be to streamline the operations of the fire and emergency services, which would not affect the resident's level of protection but would reduce costs.

Sycamore Street is the focus of Newtown Township’s downtown shopping district. However, the Acme site remains an eyesore and some residents say the street is not as pedestrian friendly as it should be. What suggestions do you have for improving this key shopping and business district in Newtown Township?

Sycamore Street does need to be made more pedestrian friendly.  In addition to safety measures, such as better enforcement of posted speed limits, a pedestrian safety audit may be necessary to highlight ways to make Sycamore Street safer for pedestrians.

What other issues would you like to see come to the forefront if you are elected to the Board of Supervisors?

I would like to see public safety come to the forefront.  The current Supervisor's majority has raided our reserve fund, incurred legal fees by disregarding procedure, resisted finance committee recommendations that resulted in extra expenses, and terminated township employees improperly creating big legal fees -- only to be forced to rehire the employees with back pay. At the same time the majority did these things, they also threatened to lay off our police.  I think that is unacceptable.  Our safety is the last place we should look to balance the budget. As Supervisor I supported our police and will continue to make public safety a priority.

In 50 words or less, why should residents vote for you?

I love and care about this community.  During my first term I worked on behalf of the residents -- not my political party nor insiders but only you. I will be independent and accountable. I will bring reason and respectability back to Newtown as I continue to work for you.

R U guessing ? October 19, 2011 at 06:37 PM
Why R U so hellbent on destroyingthe ambukance squad?
Jen Ross Dix October 25, 2011 at 11:59 AM
Phil, Thanks for always taking a stand for the residents when the other side was catering to political insiders. I will never forget the fact that you saved Newtown from the massive 2,000 employee office complex designed to feed the traffic right through a zoned residential neighborhood. And while Brandywine was waiting for final approval they attempted to buy their way in here by donating to local candidates Brandon Wind and Karen Doorely with Margaret Chleboski as their campaign manager. I KNOW YOU WILL ALWAYS STAND UP FOR NEWTOWN RESIDENTS AND I COULD NOT BE MORE PROUD TO SUPPORT YOU!!


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