New Plans in the Works for Former Stockburger Chevrolet Site

Borough officials said the current conditional use process for Steeple View, the proposed mixed-use development off South State Street, has been postponed indefinitely.


New plans are in the works for the former Stockburger Chevrolet site and the current conditional use process for a proposed mixed-use development has been postponed indefinitely, according to borough officials. 

Newtown Borough Solicitor Bill Bolla said Wednesday that he has meet three times with developer Allan Smith, who has submitted a conditional use application to construct a mixed-use development on the six-acre site off South State Street.

Bolla said he has been discussing with Smith the possibility of revising the plans so that they are more in line with the borough’s vision for the site. 

The new plans, which are a work in progress, will reduce the residential density, increase open space, include commercial offices and provide for better vehicular and pedestrian circulation, Bolla said.

According to Bolla, the new plans will also provide the opportunity for the borough to have a police station within the space.

The plans are not complete and Bolla said he is not sure when they will be presented.

When the new plans are presented,  will be terminated and a new conditional use hearing will be scheduled on the updated plans.  

In December, Borough Council to consider Smith’s proposal to construct 121 residential units and 28,900 square feet of commercial space on the site. The plan also included a two-deck parking structure for public use as well as underground parking for the residential units.

The hearing resumed in January and was scheduled to continue again in February but was cancelled until March. The March hearing was then also cancelled and was supposed to resume in April but a date was never set.

In a related matter, Council will invite Smith to Tuesday’s regular meeting to discuss plans for a new state store. Smith owns the current state store property, which is part of the area slated to be redeveloped as the Steeple View project.

However, Bolla said, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is pushing to update the store so it is larger and more customer friendly.  Smith has the opportunity to develop part of the property as a new state store in advance of the conditional use and land development process for the larger development.   

Zoning relief will be required for the state store project, as well as land development approval. 

Council president Robert Walker said he’s interested in learning more from Smith.

“If in fact we decide to do this, it would begin to enable the town to see what (the development) is going to look like,” he said. “It also locks in an anchor retail outlet for the overall development.” 

Tuesday’s meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the


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