No Tax Increase in Proposed Township Budget

Township Manager Kurt Ferguson presented a draft of the 2013 budget at a meeting Wednesday.

A draft of the township's budget would keep property taxes in the township flat for residents in 2013. However, in order to make the numbers work, $550,000 from township reserves would have to be used.

Township Manager Kurt Ferguson presented the 2013 budget draft during a board of supervisors meeting Wednesday. It calls for $11 million in spending and would leave the township with about $36,000 in reserves.

According to figures presented by Ferguson, the property tax millage for township residents would remain at 2.5 in 2013 if no changes are made to the draft budget. A resident with a property assessed at the township average of $37,459 would pay $94 in 2013, according to data posted by the Courier Times.

According to Ferguson, earned income tax accouts for 61 percent of total revenue for the township. In 2013, the township is estimated to collect approximately $6.4 million in earned income tax. That figure, which is below the 2011 collection, is being estimated due to a sluggish economy.

Board member Rob Ciervo said the township has a revenue problem due to broader economic conditions.

"In six years, revenue has increased 3.6 percent," he said, noting that is below the level needed to fund salary increases and other rising costs in the township.

The budget will be addressed by the township at a meeting on Nov. 28.

The Illuminati November 16, 2012 at 08:26 PM
$36k in reserves? Are you kidding me? This township used to have over $2 million is reserves and then they bought a new township building and public works building and never raised taxes (as they said they would when it was planned) to pay for it! Two buildings that were not needed I might add. Now they will cry poor and say it is the employees fault.
the REAL VOICE November 21, 2012 at 06:25 AM
Scott Harp starting hitting the reserves Way back; for use on Parks ! Ann Goren wasted money on useless traffic surveys ! The Twp. needed more room ! so therefore the new buildings.


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