PA House Schedule for Oct 1 - 4

The State House returns to session on Monday, Oct. 1 with jobs and veterans assistance on the agenda.

Here's this week's schedule for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Information has been supplied by Rep. Mike Turzai, Republican Majority Leader.

All House sessions and most committee meetings will stream live on PAHouseGOP.com. Many events also may be viewed on Facebook.com/PAHouseGOP.  

Improving the Commonwealth Jobs Climate

Continuing to build on one of the Republican Majority’s top priorities of rebuilding Pennsylvania’s jobs climate – which was devastated by the over-spending, over-borrowing and over-regulating Rendell Administration and the failed Obama stimulus program – the House has been dedicated to recreating in Pennsylvania an atmosphere where people can find jobs, build careers and improve their quality of life.

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is still considered one of the states with the highest cost of doing business when state and local taxes, fees, regulatory requirements and health care are combined. Lowering the overall costs of doing business in the state will lead to higher employment and economic growth.

This week, the full House is expected to consider legislation (House Bill 2626, Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, R- Centre/Mifflin counties) which establishes the “Promote Employment across Pennsylvania” (PEP) program to help create family-sustaining jobs in the Commonwealth.

As introduced, the legislation would provide a state tax incentive for a limited time to qualified employers relocating from another state to Pennsylvania. The employers would be able to keep 95 percent of the state Personal Income Tax (PIT) revenue they withhold on behalf of their employees, with the other 5 percent going to the Commonwealth. The House also may consider an amendment to the bill that would extend the proposed incentive to existing Pennsylvania employers that add new jobs to their workforce.

The companies would still pay other applicable taxes, including the state Corporate Net Income (CNI) tax and sales tax in addition to local taxes, including personal income taxes and property taxes.

Helping Our Heroes

A package of bills moving through the House and Senate is aimed at helping the state’s veterans – those just returning home from the War on Terrorism, and those from previous wars. Bills to be considered in the House and Senate and/or in their respective committees include:

  • House Bill 2591 (Rep. Bob Godshall, R-Montgomery County) dealing with military members’ state retirement benefits.
  • House Bill 2428 (Rep. Jeff Pyle, R-Armstrong and Indiana counties) regarding veterans license plates.
  • Senate Bill 623 (Sen. Tommy Tomlinson, R-Bucks) to encourage stage agencies to contract with veteran-owned small businesses.
  • Senate Bill 1442 (Sen. Mary Jo White, R-Clarion, Forest and Venango counties, and parts of Butler, Erie and Warren counties) to update the Pennsylvania Code of Military Justice (PCMJ), which enforces order and discipline upon the Pennsylvania National Guardsmen who are not in active federal service under Title 10 of the United States Code. The PCMJ parallels the Federal Uniform Code of Military Justice, and has not been extensively updated since 1975 and many of the current provisions date back to the Military Code of 1949.
  • Senate Bill 1255 (Sen. Bob Robbins, R-Crawford and Mercer counties and portions of Butler and Lawrence counties) would enact the Uniform Military and Overseas Voters Act (UMOVA) to simplify the process of absentee voting for United States military and overseas civilians in state elections conducted in Pennsylvania.
  • Senate Bill 1531 (Sen. Lisa Baker, R- Pike, Wayne and Wyoming counties and parts of Luzerne, Monroe and Susquehanna counties) to establish the Pennsylvania Veterans Trust Fund; and, in registration of vehicles, further providing for special plates for veterans.


The Weekly Schedule

Bill numbers will be used to identify the legislation being considered either in committee or on the House floor. Bills may be researched by bill number or topic on PAHouseGOP.com under the “Research Bills” tab. The bills, sponsors and summaries are posted below.

Monday, Oct. 1

Committee Meetings/Hearings


  • Joint public hearing to receive reports from the Independent Fiscal Office and Pennsylvania Realtors Association regarding HB 1776 (Rep. Jim Cox, R-Berks) and SB 1400 (Sen. David Argall, R-Berks/Carbon/Lehigh/Monroe/Northampton/Schuylkill), also known as the Property Tax Elimination Act. The bills aim to replace the school property tax by increasing the state’s personal income tax from 3.07 percent to 4 percent and expanding and increasing the state’s sales and use tax from 6 percent to 7 percent.

TRANSPORTATION, 10 a.m., Hearing Room 1, North Office Building

  • Joint House and Senate Public Hearing on the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s internal initiative to maximize efficiencies.

LABOR AND INDUSTRY, 11:30 a.m., Room 60, East Wing

  • HB 710 (Rep. Robert Godshall, R-Montgomery): Prevents subcontractors from filing a claim against homeowners for payment for services rendered, when the homeowner has paid the full contracted amount.

JUDICIARY, noon, Room 205, Ryan Office Building

  • HB 2627 (Rep. Ron Marsico, R-Dauphin): Terminates the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) fund.
  • HR 247 (Rep. Tom Caltagirone, D-Berks): Directs the Joint State Government Commission to study and make recommendations to the General Assembly on the practice of administrative law before Pennsylvania’s hearing boards.
  • HR 792 (Rep. Bryan Cutler, R-Lancaster): Calls upon the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to conduct an impact evaluation of the existing rules of civil procedure pertaining to venue in personal injury cases.
  • HR 840 (Rep. Julie Harhart, R-Lehigh/Northampton): Urges Pennsylvania State University to use the endowment funded by the NCAA fine against the university to support Pennsylvania’s children’s advocacy centers.
  • SB 79 (Sen. Stewart Greenleaf, R-Bucks/Montgomery): Sets forth procedure applying to any civil action brought in another state or territory for which discovery is sought in Pennsylvania.
  • STATE GOVERNMENT, Call of Chair, Room G-50, Irvis Office Building
  • HB 2635 (Rep. John Evans, R-Crawford/Erie): Authorizes land conveyances and releases certain Project 70 restrictions.


On Monday, the House will convene at 1 p.m. for legislative business. The members will vote the uncontested calendar and Rule 35 resolutions.

Votes on Second Consideration

  • HB 142 (Rep. John Hornaman, D-Erie): Authorizes local governing bodies to offer income and/or property tax credits for volunteers of fire companies and emergency medical service agencies.
  • HB 1840 (Rep. John Bear, R-Lancaster): Directs the Department of General Services to prepare a list of steel products exempt from the contract provision in the Steel Products Procurement Act.
  • HB 2429 (Rep. Dante Santoni, D-Berks): Allows licensed breweries to obtain a special permit to participate in malt and brewed beverage and food expositions and farmers markets off of the licensed premises.
  • HB 2530 (Rep. Will Tallman, R-Adams/York): Allows a municipality that adopted a uniform construction code ordinance to establish a joint board of appeals with other such municipalities.
  • HB 2565 (Rep. Sandra Major, R-Susquehanna/Wayne/Wyoming): Exempts certain honey producers from food establishment registration.
  • HB 2628 (Rep. Ryan Aument, R-Lancaster): Requires that the Department of Community and Economic Development adopt regulations to administer a certification program for the construction/installation of industrialized commercial buildings.
  • SB 349 (Sen. Pat Browne, R-Lehigh/Monroe/Northampton):  Establishes the licensure of tanning facilities through the Pennsylvania Department of Health, enumerates licensing procedures and requirements, and establishes penalties for violations.
  • SB 246 (Sen. John Wozniak, D-Cambria/Centre/Clearfield/Clinton/Somerset): Appeals to the U.S. Congress to re-evaluate the emissions inspection program.

Votes on Third Consideration

  • HB 235 (Rep. Paul Clymer, R-Bucks):  Requires designated establishments to conspicuously post at least one sign, in various languages, that provides the National Human Trafficking Resources Center Hotline number and notice that victims of human trafficking are protected under both federal and state law; establishes a civil penalty for violations of up to $500.
  • HB 2270 (Rep. Katherine Watson, R-Bucks): Establishes the Alzheimer’s Disease State Planning Committee.
  • HB 2428 (Rep. Jeffrey Pyle, R-Armstrong/Indiana): Requires the Department of Transportation to place a U.S. military veteran’s designation on driver’s licenses and/or ID cards.
  • HB 2486 (Rep. Michael McGeehan, D-Philadelphia):  Bridge Designation: Paul W. Kauffman Memorial Bridge.
  • HB 2505 (Rep. Dick Hess, R-Bedford/Fulton/Huntingdon): Reenacts the Community Services Block Grant Act of 2002.
  • SB 1298 (Sen. Lloyd Smucker, R-Lancaster): Defines “compost” and adds it to the definition of “agricultural commodity,” which makes composting an eligible activity under Clean and Green.

Bills on Concurrence:

  • HB 135 (Rep. John Sabatina, D-Philadelphia): Makes technical changes to the law establishing the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency.
  • HB 728 (Rep. Stephen Barrar, R-Chester/Delaware): Amends the Combustible and Flammable Liquids Act (Act 15 of 1998) to incorporate a National Fire Protection Association standard which allows fuel dispensing systems to have multiple emergency control devices and electrical disconnects to be used to shut down all pumps at an attended self-service gasoline station during an emergency in the pumping area.


Tuesday, Oct. 2

Committee Meetings/Hearings

LOCAL GOVERNMENT, 9 a.m., Room G-50 Irvis Office Building

  • HB 111 (Rep. Tom Creighton, R-Lancaster): Sets forth requirements for the operation of private correctional centers.
  • HB 2420 (Rep. Mauree Gingrich, R-Lebanon): Makes technical changes to the Consolidated County Assessment Law.
  • HB 2472 (Rep. Dan Moul, R-Adams/Franklin): Requires assessors to base their assessments of mobile homes on values listed in national directories or valuation guides.
  • SB 1185 (Sen. Michael Waugh, R-York): Permits the separation of the functions of tax collector and township treasurer.
  • SB 1186 (Sen. Michael Waugh, R-York): Transitions elected township treasurers to elected tax collectors in first class townships.
  • SB 1261 (Sen. Edwin Erickson, R-Chester/Delaware): Permits the establishment of municipal authorities for storm water management planning and projects.

CONSUMER AFFAIRS, 9:30 a.m., Room 148, Main Capitol

  • SB 920 (Sen. Pat Browne, R-Lehigh/Monroe/Northampton): Sets requirements on equipping homes and apartments with carbon monoxide alarms.

FINANCE, 10 a.m., Room 60, East Wing

  • SB 1309 (Sen. David Argall, R-Berks/Carbon/Lehigh/Monroe/Northampton/Schuylkill): Places additional restrictions on when taxing districts have the right to appeal an assessment.

STATE GOVERNMENT, 10 a.m., Room 205, Ryan Office Building

  • HB 2073 (Rep. David Maloney, R-Berks): Defines “agency” in the Regulatory Review Act.

TRANSPORTATION, 10 a.m., Room G-50, Irvis Office Building

  • HB 1232 (Rep. Richard Geist, R-Blair): Establishes a penalty for communities that enact ordinances that may conflict with provisions of the Vehicle Code.  The bill also extends the Philadelphia Automated Red Light Enforcement camera pilot program.
  • HB 2479 (Rep. Tim Briggs, D-Montgomery): Road designation: Master Sergeant Scott Ball Memorial Avenue.
  • HB 2538 (Rep. Rosemary Brown, R-Monroe/Pike): Road designation: Pike County Veterans’ Way.
  • HB 2605 (Rep. Rosemary Brown, R-Monroe/Pike): Road designation: Joseph W. Battisto Bypass.
  • HB 2624 (Rep. Mark Mustio, R-Allegheny): Road designation: Jack W. Wise Interchange.
  • SB 86 (Sen. Stewart Greenleaf, R-Bucks/Montgomery): Assists law enforcement in prevention of auto theft.
  • SB 390 (Sen. Mike Brubaker, R-Chester/Lancaster): Allows for the movement of tractors and other agricultural vehicles on roads.


On Tuesday the House will meet at 11 a.m. for legislative business.

Votes on Second Consideration

  • HB 2249 (Rep. Katherine Watson, R-Bucks): Creates the offense of online impersonation and prescribes penalty.
  • HB 2318 (Rep. Mauree Gingrich, R-Lebanon): Allows school districts to incorporate child exploitation awareness education into the health curriculum.
  • HB 2189 (Rep. Bryan Cutler):  Establishes the impersonation of a law enforcement officer as a third-degree felony, punishable by up to seven years imprisonment and a $15,000 fine, and requires the seller of an emergency vehicle equipped with flashing lights or audible warning systems to remove the system or lights prior to selling the vehicle.
  • HB 2409 (Rep. Brian Ellis, R-Butler): Permits either the prosecutor or animal shelter to petition for a court order requiring a defendant to pay the cost of care of a seized animal pending prosecution, rather than having the cost of care being borne by the shelter until after conviction.
  • HB 2480 (Rep. Marguerite Quinn, R-Bucks): Requires the tracking of sales of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine through the use of an electronic system that monitors sales in real time to prevent purchases from exceeding legal limits.
  • HB 2536 (Rep. Jim Marshall, R-Beaver): Requires the four remaining savings associations in Pennsylvania to convert to savings banks.
  • HB 2590 (Rep. Rick Saccone, R-Allegheny/Washington): Authorizes the issuance of an administrative subpoena.
  • HB 2591 (Rep. Robert Godshall, R-Montgomery): Brings into compliance with federal law the calculation of military members’ State Employees’ Retirement System benefits.
  • HB 2626 (Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, R-Centre/Mifflin): Promoting Employment Across Pennsylvania (PEP). Allows qualifying companies to retain Pennsylvania income tax monies they withhold from employees’ paychecks, providing them with capital to invest in their business.
  • HB 2630 (Rep. John Maher, R-Allegheny/Washington): Regulates animal euthanasia, imposes exclusions and penalties.
  • SB 341 (Sen. Stewart Greenleaf, R-Bucks/Montgomery): Authorizes an Automotive Fuel Testing and Disclosure Program.
  • SB 623 (Sen. Robert Tomlinson, R-Bucks): Creates a veteran-owned small business program to assist veterans with state procurement.
  • SB 850 (Sen. Stewart Greenleaf, R-Bucks/Montgomery): Ensures greater protections for juvenile offenders regarding legal representation, streamlines the expungement of records, and defines the crime of cyber bullying by minors.
  • SB 1144 Sen. Kim Ward, R-Westmoreland): Prohibits insurers from setting fees for non-covered dentist services.
  • SB 1147 (Sen. David Argall, R-Berks/Carbon/Lehigh/Monroe/Northampton/Schuylkill): Establishes an annual hauling permit for the movement of eggs and establishes that an annual permit for movement during course of manufacture may be issued.
  • SB 1200 (Sen. Mike Folmer, R- Berks/Chester/Dauphin/Lancaster/Lebanon): Changes guidelines for sole source procurement and for emergency procurement.
  • SB 1225 (Sen. Dominic Pileggi, R-Chester/Delaware): Recodifies, updates and makes technical changes to the Library Code.
  • SB 1345 (Sen. Mike Folmer, R-Berks/Chester/Dauphin/Lancaster/Lebanon): Streamlines and standardizes the process for collocation of wireless telecommunications facilities on existing wireless support structures.
  • SB 1480 (Sen. Jake Corman, R-Centre/Juniata/Mifflin/Perry/Union): Capital Budget Act for 2012-13.


Votes on Third Consideration

  • HB 142 (Hornaman)
  • HB 1840 (Bear)
  • HB 2189 (Cutler)
  • HB 2530 (Tallman)
  • HB 2565 (Major)
  • HB 2628 (Aument)
  • SB 349 (Browne)


Wednesday, Oct. 3

Committee Meetings/Hearings

COMMERCE, 9:30 a.m., Room B-31, Main Capitol

  • SB 884 (Sen. Stewart Greenleaf, R-Bucks/Montgomery): Gives general partners in limited liability partnerships the same protection from liability as shareholders in professional corporations.

JUDICIARY, 10 a.m., Room G-50, Irvis Office Building

  • Agenda to be announced

PROFESSIONAL LICENSURE, 10 a.m., Room 205, Ryan Office Building

  • HB 2492 (Rep. Bernie O’Neill, R-Bucks): Allows licensed dentists from other states or countries to obtain a restricted faculty license to teach in Pennsylvania.
  • Reg. 16A-5424 (Proposed): Enables more internships to occur while attending an ACPE-accredited pharmacy degree program, permits non-traditional internships, and makes certain that those dropping out of the program do not continue to work as pharmacy interns.

STATE GOVERNMENT, 10 a.m., Room 60, East Wing

  • SB 1255 (Sen. Robert Robbins, R-Butler/Crawford/Lawrence/Mercer): Simplifies and improves process for military personnel and citizens who are abroad to participate in Pennsylvania elections.


On Wednesday the House will meet at 11 a.m. for legislative business.

Votes on Second Consideration


  • HB 1020 (Rep. Tony Payton, D-Philadelphia): Allows PEMA to consolidate county public safety answering points (PSAPs) into regional PSAPs.
  • HB 2635 (Rep. John Evans, R-Crawford/Erie): Authorizes land conveyances and releases certain Project 70 restrictions.
  • SB 941 (Sen. Jake Corman, R-Centre/Juniata/Mifflin/Perry/Union): Increases possible fines for public drunkenness and similar misconduct from up to $300 to up to $1,000 and increases possible fines for underage purchase, consumption, possession or transportation of liquor or malt or brewed beverage from up to $300 to up to $1,000.
  • SB 943 (Sen. Jake Corman, R-Centre/Juniata/Mifflin/Perry/Union): Imposes an alcohol offense prevention fee in certain municipalities.

Votes on Third Consideration

  • HB 2249 (Rep. Kathy Watson)
  • HB 2318 (Rep. Mauree Gingrich)
  • HB 2409 (Rep. Brian Ellis)
  • HB 2429 (Rep. Dante Santoni)
  • HB 2480 (Rep. Marguerite Quinn)
  • HB 2536 (Marshall)
  • HB 2590 (Saccone)
  • HB 2591 (Godshall)
  • HB 2626 (Benninghoff)
  • HB 2630 (Maher)
  • SB 341 (Greenleaf)
  • SB 623 (Tomlinson)
  • SB 850 (Greenleaf)
  • SB 1144 (Ward)
  • SB 1147 (Argall)
  • SB 1200 (Folmer)
  • SB 1225 (Pileggi)
  • SB 1345 (Folmer)
  • SB 1480 (Corman)


Thursday, Oct. 4

Committee Meetings/Hearings

HUMAN SERVICES, 9 a.m., Room 60, East Wing

  • Informational meeting on behavioral health as it relates to Federal Health Reform.

STATE GOVERNMENT, 9 a.m., Room G-50, Irvis Office Building

  • Public Hearing on HB 1177 (Rep. Tina Pickett, R-Bradford/Sullivan/Susquehanna): Adopts Celestite as the official State Mineral of Pennsylvania.

PROFESSIONAL LICENSURE, 9:30 a.m., Room 205, Ryan Office Building

  • Public Hearing on HB 2274 (Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Allegheny): Allows boards and commissions under the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs to file judgments to collect unpaid fines.


On Thursday the House will meet at 11 a.m. for legislative business.

Voting scheduled to be determined.

Carol Ann October 08, 2012 at 04:15 AM
Rep. Mike Turzai, Republican Majority Leader gets to stand at the head of the class but is certainly no representative leader, of The People. All the property tax abatements, rebates, refunds, and exemptions are smoke screens for temporary band aids that appease only those who will believe the manure spoken by desperate men. Eventually, the truth will be known by all. Eventually, every Pennsylvanian will learn that you and the rest of you who make excuses for not eliminating the School Property Tax, are not brave; are not to be trusted; are not worthy of our vote. Until the School Property Tax is eliminated, thousands of Pennsylvanians, every year, will be forced off their land and out of their businesses, and the blood for their demise is on your hands. www.ptcc.us


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