$10 Per Capita Tax Here to Stay

Council Rock School Board members on Thursday voted 6-3 to keep the tax, which some say is merely a nuisance.

A second vote to eliminate the $10 per capita tax failed during Thursday's Council Rock School Board meeting.

Board members voted 6-3 to keep the tax, which some board members believe is inefficient and a nuisance to collect.

In May, a vote to eliminate the $10 tax tied at 4 to 4. However, the board voted to consider it again at a meeting on June 5 when all members are present. On Thursday, board members Bill Foster, Denise Brooks and Patty Sexton voted to eliminate the tax. Wendi Thomas, Richard Abramson, Andy Block, Mark Byelich, Jerold Grupp and Kyle McKessy supported keeping the tax in place.

The tax generated $462,000 for the district in the 2013-2014 budget, according to figures reported by the Newtown Advance. 


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