More Security Enhancements Underway at Council Rock Schools

According to information from Council Rock, all school facilities will be outfitted with key fob systems by February

The final phase of security enhancements is underway at Council Rock schools.

This month, the district will begin implementing a key fob system that will control staff entry into the schools.

According to information from the district, all school facilities will be outfitted with key fob systems by February.  The installation process will be “slow and deliberate” over the next month, according to an email from the district.

The high schools and the Sloan School are already equipped with the system, which allows the staff to enter the building through specific doors before and after school hours. All doors will remain otherwise locked.

“The ability to issue key fobs and control entry to our schools is one of the most important of our new security protocols.  We can now better control access points to school to create more secure school environments,” an email from the district said.

The key fob system is one of several security enhancements the district has made since last year.

In December, Council Rock implemented a new visitor management system called RAPTOR. The RAPTOR system requires visitors to scan a driver’s license in the school office before gaining access to the building.

Additional video cameras, secure vestibules and panic buttons are also part of district-wide security improvements. 


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