Borough Celebrates 28 Years as a 'Tree City'

Residents, students and community leaders gathered today in Newtown Borough for the annual Arbor Day celebration.


It was a morning filled with song and celebration all in the name of trees as dozens of children and residents gathered today for Newtown Borough's annual Arbor Day celebration.

The event, held at Brian S. Gregg Memorial Park, featured music, crafts, storytelling and educational activities.

students attended, performing Earth-themed songs and showcasing posters with environmental messages. Mayor Dennis O’Brien accepted Newtown Borough’s “Tree City U.S.A” Award from the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Newtown Borough has been a Tree City for 28 years. Part of the criteria to achieve that award is holding a celebration, which the borough does each spring. 

Children visited various stations that were coordinated by community organizations, including , Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and Snipes Farm.

Musician Richard McLaughlin, known as Eco-Man, performed an interactive music program that taught the students lessons about caring for the environment.

State Rep. Steve Santarsiero was also present at the celebration. He offered comments and read a proclamation the borough received from the state House of Representative for its efforts.

“I look out here today and I see we’re going to be in great shape when you’re in charge,” Santarsiero said to the students.  The citation recognized Newtown Borough for holding an Arbor Day celebration that has evolved into a “cherished community event.”

Borough resident Jennifer Abrahamson has been leading the effort to organize the borough’s Arbor Day festivities since 2007. Abrahamson also addressed the crowd, thanking the students, volunteers and supporters for their hard work in making the day a continued success.

Congress St April 27, 2012 at 10:25 PM
I wish the North Congress Street Residents who are effected by this celebration had been better informed by the organizers. As Eco-Man sang about Recycling, my Recycle Bin sat, full to the brim awaiting pickup which never occurred. Perhaps if I had known about this celebration, I could have called Leck to give them a heads-up or the organizers could have done so. I also watched numerous cars get into near collisions at the intersection of N. Congress and Jefferson as I waited for my child to get off the bus. Council Rock's Transportation Department was also not informed of the road closure, which may have allowed them to re-map the route for the day. If you want to have a celebration, be responsible, inform the residents and service providers so we can make arrangements.


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