Class of 2012 Graduates from Council Rock North

The 554 Council Rock High School North graduates received diplomas during a Monday afternoon ceremony.

One student speaker asked his peers to think of themselves as a glass of milk.

Another recalled the swimming class that was a requirement for freshman, comparing it to the challenges that lie ahead. 

But whatever analogy was used, most would agree the 554 graduates that received diplomas during a Monday afternoon ceremony, “left a lasting mark on this school,” class president Alfred P. Venus III said.

The stands at the school’s Walt Snyder Stadium were packed as family and friends of the class of 2012 cheered their accomplishments.

Venus asked his peers to close their eyes and imagine the first day of freshman year. “Think about how much you’ve changed,” he said. “We made an impact on this school with no hesitation.”

Venus called the class of 2012 “dynamic and unique” and urged his classmates to use the lessons learned at Council Rock North as they go out into the world.

Speaker Emily Grundman recalled the mandatory swimming component to freshman physical education.

“We dove in head first as timid, meager freshmen,” she said. “Another larger, far more important pool lies ahead." 

Grundman said she’s certain the class of 2012 “will leap and we will make a splash.” 

Speaker Aaron Zacharia compared his classmates to a glass of milk.  “You’ve been tested and found satisfactory,” he said. “As a glass of milk, the options are endless. Now is your opportunity to not be sour milk but to raise your glass and drink.”

According to the Council Rock School District, nearly 78 percent of the graduating class will attend a four-year college, according to information provided by the district. Approximately 16 percent will attend a two-year college.

Out of the entire graduating class, about 94 percent of the students will continue their education at a college or university. 

Council Rock High School South seniors also graduated Monday.

According to the district, the total amount of scholarships earned by seniors attending both high schools is more than $15.5 million.

Kathleen Reidy June 16, 2012 at 11:07 PM
A glass of milk, with no thought as to how that one glass of milk is obtained. Factory farming where a cow is forcibly impregnanted, has her baby ripped away from her time after time and is sent to the slaughter house when she can no longer produce milk. Babies end up left to die. Lets not forget the hormones and antibiotics she is pumped full of so she produces more milk and her udders drag on the ground or how she cries for her babies for weeks.


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