Council Rock Schools Closed Wednesday

Extensive power outages from Sandy have caused Council Rock School District to close Wednesday, according to officials.

Council Rock Schools are closed Wednesday due to extensive power outages from Hurricane Sandy, officials announced Tuesday.

Schools were closed Monday and Tuesday due to the storm, which has left thousands in the area without power, including most district schools.

The district posted the following announcement on its website: 

"All Council Rock Schools will be closed on Wednesday, October 31. Extensive power outages at most of our schools is the primary reason for this closure. This issue may affect some or all of our schools for the rest of the week.

Council Rock offices will open on Wednesday. Current information on our schools will continue to be posted on this website.

A Global Connect call to all phones will be sent on Tuesday afternoon. With the extensive power outages, please help to notify your neighbors of this annoucement."

Ed B October 30, 2012 at 09:06 PM
Any thoughts on Halloween?
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