Superintendent Details How Snow Days Will Impact School Calendar

Council Rock has had eight snow days so far this year.

The following letter was sent to Council Rock families by Superintendent Mark Klein:

I want to give you an update on the plans for the school days we are making up based on the eight (8) days that school has been canceled. The first six days extends the school year from June 12 to June 20th. The next two days are challenging. Last night, I asked the Board for authorization to use the February 14th scheduled inservice day for a school day. While I am still working on the final details, I am advising you now that Friday, February 14, 2014 will be a school day for students K-12.

The Board has also authorized the use of Presidents Day, February 17, 2014. However, that day poses insurmountable problems to use as a school day.

I will propose that the next day and future cancellations begin to draw on the spring break. While I know this is a potential conflict for many families, the instructional year is better served with days coming from April rather than late June. The last week of June presents many difficulties for us. While weather events may force us to use those days, school days after June 20th present a myriad of issues including heat in schools without climate controls. Those June days also will require high school graduations that backs right into summer sessions at Penn State and other state universities.

I know these changes present challenges for both staff and parents. We will do our best to honor the time you have planned with your family and work with you to excuse absences caused by these changes in the school calendar.

Mark Klein

Superintendent of Schools 


Office of the Superintendent Chancellor Center 


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