Wrightstown Residents Launch Online Campaign to Save Elementary School

Members of the Wrightstown community are coming together to stop any serious consideration of closing their elementary school.

Residents in Wrightstown are stepping up efforts to prevent the Council Rock School District from closing the only public school in town. 

Last month, Council Rock’s Capital Planning Committee recommended the district consider closing Wrightstown Elementary School and redistrict students to Newtown Elementary School.

Many in Wrightstown oppose the proposal and have started an online campaign to keep the school open. An online petition on change.org had 125 supporters as of Wednesday afternoon.  In addition, Wrightstown Elementary School supporters have created a Facebook page, Save Wrightstown Elementary School.

Council Rock’s Capital Planning Committee, which was tasked with coming up with a capital plan by assessing the district’s buildings and overall student enrollment, said closing the school is fiscally responsible. Wrightstown Elementary School, built in 1958, is the district’s smallest and most inefficient school, according to the presentation. It is located on Penns Park Road near the Village Library.

“We realize that this is only a proposal but we the community members of Council Rock School District want to communicate our displeasure and concern regarding this suggestion from the start of the decision making process,” the petition states.

The petition goes on to say that Wrightstown Elementary School provides a small setting for an ideal learning environment, something that cannot be duplicated by redistricting students to a larger school.

“We moved to Newtown so our children could go to Council Rock Schools. Wrightstown is just down the road from us and I want my kids in a small school environment,” wrote Amy Kronberger, who signed the petition.

Another signee said one of the reasons they purchased their house was because of the school. “We moved to Wrightstown township a year ago and our 3-year-old son will eventually go to school at Wrightstown Elementary. One of the reasons we chose the house we bought was because of the school. My husband and I have heard so many great things about it,” wrote Dawn McBurney.

Supporters of Wrightstown Elementary say they plan to attend the next Council Rock School Board meeting on July 17 at the Chancellor Center.

Click here to view the petition. 

Click here to view the Facebook page. 

NorthFaceBmwNewtown July 03, 2014 at 07:11 AM
Here’s the fun part….. you don’t have money for a SCHOOL. A short drive away in Philly, their schools are literally OUT of money. Americans in Detroit can’t pay their water bills (literally, google it). All over your country, schools are cutting back on extra-curricular activities and now this will really get the average american’s goat: They are even cutting back on *gasp* SPORTS!. Yet while you enjoy all these CUTS - you allow millions of people to ILLEGALLY come to your country and now they are sending 50,000+ kids to your country because they know, you will be happy to cut your OWN services and schools. Pretty cool huh? BTW I am an immigrant - although one who is LEGAL, speaks English, and thus far has not needed welfare, prison, or multilingual education in school. “Oh but they work hard”. Yes some do. But look at who makes up your prison and welfare population. Who is the #2 group. At a time of strife and austerity, what’s wrong with taking care of our OWN kids and our OWN people - while we kindly escort 10,000,000 illegals back to their wonderful home?


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