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Hello everyone! My name is Viral Trivedi and have been a resident in Warminster since the summer of 2005. Before moving to the lovely town of Warminster, I used to live in Bensalem, PA but migrated from India in '97.
I am a senior at Arcadia University. My major is International Studies with a concentration in Globalization, Development, and Human Rights. I'm also doing two minors in English and Global Public Health. It's interesting because when people ask me how all of that relates, I mention that I have interests in health communications, development, and cross-cultural communication from a glo-cal (global and local) perspective. I did, however, recently studied abroad in Spring 2011 at Bangor University in Bangor, Wales. I didn't think that study abroad would change my view of the world but it definitely did! Whenever I meet new people and inform them about my experience, young and mature, working or studying abroad is the best experience and ecourage them to go for it. If it's too expensive, find a way to make it work :) I enjoy writing and reading. I have to credit my journalism and editorial writing instructor, Professor Larry Atkins from Arcadia University, for providing the encouragement and education in published writing. Also crediting Lecturers Vian Bakir and Amy Chambers from Bangor University for helping me find the true writer in me. Last but not least, Kate Bryant from Arcadia for always encouraging me about being a prolific writer. My favorite authors are Salman Rushdie, John Kao, Fareed Zakharia, and Gina B. Nahai. I like to read books on development and cultures in Middle East and Africa and from time to time I try to catch up on Indian politics. I also like to read books my former child soldiers and former slaves from modern slavery. Did I mention that I'm still a fan of Harry Potter and Twilight every now and then? I do enjoy learning about new things ranging from photography to conversing with immigrants and refugees about their experiences. Since coming back from Wales, I developed a passion for hiking as well :) In the future, one of my goals is to develop a study abroad program for underpriveleged students that don't meet the academic requirements and/or financial aid but still have a passion for the experience. Local Hot-Topic Issues: I like the community that I live in but I am disatisfied with community development and relations. For example, in my neighborhood, there are always young adults harassing and bullying kids and yet parents don't do anything when reported. The bullying continues! There needs to be a history-led excursion for youth in Warminster to discover the past and engage people, young and mature, about the history of our town. Why? Look around, Newtown, Hatboro, Willow Grove, Doylestown, Buckingham have somewhat history and have ways to present it. Let's do our part and make a difference as a community honoring Warminster's history by engaging our kids and people and, therefore, improving community development and relations.
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